BUSINESS INSIDER: Factional warring and failed ‘coups’ may be the reason Xi Jinping wants to rule China forever


Xi, who had no factional alliance, became president five years ago after the Jiang coalition had broad control for nearly two decades, according to SinoInsider, a consulting firm focused on China’s leadership.

“Since taking office in 2012, Xi has been engaging in a life-and-death contest with Jiang Zemin’s influential political faction,” wrote Don Tse, the CEO of SinoInsider, and Larry Ong, a senior analyst, when the term-limit change was announced.


“From Xi’s perspective, it makes sense to cancel presidential term limits to send a signal that he is not a lame duck leader,” a SinoInsider report on Sunday said. “The prospect of ‘indefinite’ rule also serves to dissuade Xi’s factional rivals and their supporters that they have a chance for a second coming while giving them incentive to fall in line with Xi instead.”